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To help make our uniform more clear, the PSC thought we would bring you a visual guide!  ** Please note we tried to include most options without making it too confusing. PLEASE NOTE: downloadable mobile images are at the bottom to help if you are out shopping and cannot read the text!


Please note, additional information on uniforms is included in our student handbooks which should be reviewed with your children during the first week of school.  You can always check with the office for more detailed information.

St Joseph School has a fantastic uniform exchange program.  When you have them, bring in your old uniforms that don't fit your children to the uniform exchange tub (Clean and bagged) outside the school office, or in the Learning Center during Uniform Exchange hours and pick up new/used uniforms that do fit!  There is no charge for this program.  Feel free to exchange at your convenience.  You do not need to bring in clothes to pick up clothes.

St Joseph School recommends Donnelly's Clothing for your school uniform (Donnellys sells our gym uniforms and school plaid uniforms as well as standard uniform pieces.  Web Code: AHRC-969760

Due to Donnelly's retiring the St Joe's Plaid SKORT, students may now substitute a Navy or Khaki skort.  Donnelly's still makes the school plaid ties and jumper - required for FORMAL UNIFORM.  We have added the navy and khaki jumper to the uniform collection. Navy and Khaki skorts and jumpers do not need to be purchased from Donnelly's.

**PreK will not have a gym uniform this year.

**There is no regulation anymore on when students can and cannot wear shorts. Please use your parental judgement based on weather and comfortability of your child. (summer uniform and informal uniform have been combined)

**Sneakers can be any color, but no wheels or lights.  All children can wear sneakers or "shoes" daily.  No sneakers on Formal Dress days. Shoes on any day must be neutral brown, black, navy or white.




 Year Round : INFORMAL UNIFORM: Unisex : PreK - Gr. 8

  1. SHIRT - white or navy polo, (long or short sleeves)

  2. PANTS, SHORTS, SKORTS - navy or khaki; *School plaid skort while supplies last (PreK & K- elastic waist is allowed) (twill or Dockers style, not cargo or corduroy) Please no navy shirt with navy bottoms. Any other combination allowed. Skorts must have shorts underneath, they may not be skirts. Any type of pleating is fine for skorts.  Navy & Khaki skorts do not need to come from Donnelly's.

    3. BELT - Navy, black, or brown

    4. SOCKS - Navy, white, black, or khaki, ankle or knee socks

    5. SHOES -Sneakers (no wheels or lights- any color allowed), Shoes: (brown, navy, white or black)

    6. JUMPER- (optional for grades PreK-4) Students may wear a Khaki, Navy or Plaid (Donnelly's) jumper with a white polo. PREK & K students                  must have shorts under their jumper.


Girls Formal 1 to 8


  1. BLOUSE - white oxford, long or short sleeve, or Peter Pan collar

  2. NAVY SWEATER VEST (MANDATORY WITH SKORT) -sleeveless or long sleeve pullover only

  3. JUMPER (1-4) OR SKORT (1-8) - Navy plaid from Donnelly's (skort has been discontinued), Navy or Khaki. Skorts must have shorts underneath, they may not be skirts. Any type of pleating is fine for skorts.  Navy & Khaki do not need to come from Donnelly's.

  4. CROSS-TIE (Mandatory with SKORT) - School plaid from Donnelly's ONLY

  5. KNEE SOCKS OR TIGHTS - Navy only (no ankle socks)

  6. DRESS SHOE- Neutral shoes, Navy, black, or brown; lace or slip-on (no boots)- No sneakers


Boys Formal 1 to 8


  1. SHIRT - white oxford (long or short sleeve)

  2. TIE - school plaid from Donnelly's 

  3. PANTS - navy, khaki (twill, Docker's style; not cargo or corduroy)

  4. BELT - navy, black, or brown

  5. SOCKS - navy, white, or khaki

  6. DRESS SHOE- Navy, black, or brown; lace or slip-on (no boots)

  7. SWEATER VEST- Optional. Navy only, can be sleeved or sleeveless


Girls and Boys Gym Uniform K to 8


  1. T-SHIRT - gold with school emblem, or solid gold- may be a gold shirt from SJS event.

  2. SWEATSHIRT- crew or hooded -navy, with school emblem, or solid navy

  3. SHORTS OR SWEATPANTS, ATHLETIC PANTS - navy, cotton or jersey, plain or with school emblem- No other markings (decals, logos, stripes)

  4. SOCKS -white only

  5. SNEAKERS ONLY - no lights or wheels



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