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Our amazing Pre-K program is offered by PreK educators Amy Favreau, and Svetlana Apley.  Together, they provide a warm, caring, creative, fun environment that will enhance the overall growth and development of your child in a thematic setting, allowing your child to experience new concepts using their own auditory, visual and kinesthetic senses in a safe and happy classroom environment.  


St Joseph School teachers work hard to develop our students in Body, Mind and Spirit in accordance with the mission of St Joseph School.  

Teachers in our Pre-K program provide structured education for 3 & 4 year old students in a healthy, fun and energetic manner.  Our Pre-K program provides a structured daily schedule to allow our students to adjust to the formality of an educational environment.


Our daily activities will include:

Circle Time: We will do the calendar, weather, prayer, and talk about what is new with each other and what is happening for the day.

Learning Centers: These will change weekly and will be based on our theme for the week. They may be letter, number, or science-oriented, or just plain FUN!  The children will have a chance to explore, touch, and experiment in small groups that accommodate a wide range of interests and abilities.

Reading Groups: Our four year olds have a fun little reading the series called Happily Ever After. We get to listen to stories on CD's and work on the developmental worksheets that go along with them.

Story Time: Books, books and more books.  We read to them daily, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day.  You can never read to children too much.

Arts and Crafts: We do some sort of an art project every day.  Play-doh, paints, markers, scissors and glue will be available daily.

Choice Centers: Blocks, Housekeeping, Puzzles, Sensory Table, Painting, Cars, Dolls, Play-doh, all sorts of fun things.  A great place to interact with each other and learn to take turns, cooperate and share.

Music: We hear lots of CD's and dance to interactive songs.

Snack: We will have a morning snack time. A snack or juice can be purchased at the cafeteria, or you may send a snack in with your child.

Lunch Time: Children may bring their own or purchase a healthy lunch in our cafeteria. 

Rest Time: For those who stay a full day, we will have a "quiet time" after lunch to nap, rest, look at books, hug their stuffed animals and listen to music.


We will work on developing the children's social skills, and building their self-reliance.  We also work to develop gross motor skills, fine motor and manipulative skills and basic readiness skills.  We do a monthly newsletter to keep you informed of all our current "goings on".


In addition to our core curriculum of reading, writing, mathematics, science and social studies, students participate in multiple academic enrichment programs. (See Specials below)  These academic enrichments are worked into our daily schedule.   The truths of God's Word are woven into the fabric of everyday life at St Joseph School Pre-K.  While not focusing on any particular faith denomination, our Pre-K program teaches the basics of the Christian faith.  The children are eager and excited to learn about God's creation.  Pre-K students attend Mass regularly with the K-8 students at St Joseph Church.   Students attend Mass for 30 minutes and enjoy singing engaging songs and listening to fun, memorable lessons by our parish priest, Father Richard.    


St Joe's Pre-K program is an excellent way to prepare your child for success in Kindergarten and beyond!  Giving children an early strong educational foundation, gives them the confidence and solid footing they will need to succeed in their school career.


St Joe's Pre-K is NOT a "preschool", but rather a "Pre-Kindergarten". Specifically designed to prepare children for success in Kindergarten, it is more academically advanced and accelerated. While this is true, it is also important to know that learning is presented in an exciting, vibrant, and developmentally appropriate way, using a myriad of resources and methods reaching the visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners.


Students have the opportunity to participate in one of the many plays/performances, written by the Pre-K teachers for performance to the families and students of St Joseph School.  Anyone who has ever watched their child/grandchild participate in one of the spring or graduation plays would tell you that it is a positive and enjoyable experience for all involved.  


The St Joseph School Pre-K students may participate on a different schedule than the rest of the school, but they are an integral part of the St Joseph School family.  Students in the upper grades know the Pre-K students by name and welcome their participation at school activities.  Families are invited to attend all of the different activities that are offered for St Joseph School students and parents.  



  • Music

  • Visual Arts

  • Digital Arts/Computer


Daily Pre-K Schedule

  • Circle: Prayer, Calendar, Weather, Pledge of Allegiance, Attendance, Movement & Dance.

  • Choice of Centers and Reading Groups

  • Snack, Recess, Free Play

  • Circle: Story, show & tell, thematic learning

  • Math, Religion, Science, Social Studies, Art

  • Morning Dismissal: 11:40am

  • Lunch

  • Recess

  • Quiet Time

  • Math or Religion

  • Choice of Centers

  • End of Day Dismissal: 2:40pm


Pre-Kindergarten Options & Offerings

  • Both morning sessions or full day sessions are available for families

  • Families can send their children from 1-5 days of the week.

  • St Joseph School offers a 3 year old program as well as a 4 year old program.

  • Before and after school care is also provided for PreK aged children.


Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum includes:

  • Constructing and Gathering Knowledge

  • Organizing and Understanding Information

  • Applying Knowledge

  • Learning through Experience

  • Foundational Skills

  • Alphabet- reading and writing

  • Speaking & Listening Skills

  • Numbers and Operations

  • Algebraic Concepts (concepts of adding and subtracting)

  • Geometry (Concepts of shapes and measurements)

  • Measurement, Data, Probability

  • Biological Sciences

  • Physical Sciences

  • Earth & Space Sciences

  • Ecology & Natural Resources

  • Agriculture & Society

  • Humans & Environments

  • Computer & Information Technology

  • Principles and Documents of Government

  • Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship

  • Scarcity & Choice

  • Markets & Economic Systems

  • Basic Geography Literacy

  • Physical Characteristics of Places & Regions

  • Historical Analysis & Skills Development

  • Production & Performance (Music, Movement, Dramatic Performance, Visual Arts)

  • Historical & Cultural in the Arts

  • Critical Response in the Arts

  • Aesthetic Response in the Arts

  • Health

  • Healthful Living

  • Safety & Injury Prevention

  • Physical Activity: Gross Motor Coordination

  • Concepts, Principles & Strategies of Movement: Fine Motor Coordination

  • Self Awareness & Self Management

  • Establishing and Maintaining Relationships

  • Decision Making & Responsible Behavior



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