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PODCASTS: Take a break from Screentime

It can be difficult to take a break from screentime with all the school work, zooming, tv, computer games and social media our kids are into right now. BUT if you are interested in giving them something to listen to instead of watch consider these podcasts.

If you have a podcast your kids enjoy listening to, consider sending it to us and we will post it here:

How do you find podcasts? It's not that hard: I'm late to this game, I just discovered them this summer (2019) believe it lol.

Here is a quick tutorial


One of our (Lehmann's) favorites is: Brains On!

Brains On!

"If you’ve ever thought, “Hey, is there such a thing as a science podcast for kids?” you likely know about Brains On! Produced by Minnesota Public Radio, each episode is co-hosted by a kid. There’s interviews, there’s science songs, there’s no end to interesting topics. Like farts!"

(thank you to KIWICO for this great list)

Story Pirates

Story Pirates is a song-packed podcast that will have you laughing and singing along with the pirates as they sail the seas… and even space! Best of all, the actors take stories written by actual kids and turn them into sketch comedy and songs. This podcast teaches kids about story structure and empowers them to write their own stories. Find all three seasons on your podcast app of choice.

Great for ages 3 – 15.

Circle Round

The parents who produce Circle Round adapt folktales from around the world into radio plays for kids. These tales explore morals like kindness, persistence and inclusivity, and give kids a greater cultural awareness through storytelling. Plus, the episodes end with an activity to start a deeper conversation between kids and grown-ups. Find all the episodes here.

Great for ages 4 – 10.

Wow in the World

Let the seriously silly hosts of Wow in the World be your guides into the weird and wonderful world of science and technology. If you have a kid in your life who would love to know why bee barf is essential for pollination, this podcast is for them. The episodes are free to listen to, but some of the extra content (like printables and activities that accompany each episode) require a membership. Listen to all the episodes here.

Great for ages 5 – 12.

Extra Blurt and Extra Blurt Jr.

This one’s for family game night. Extra Blurt and Extra Blurt Jr. are interactive audio game shows. You can shout out your answers to the trivia questions, try tongue twisters, and learn about topics like robots, music and sea creatures. Heads up – the shows are part of a paid subscription service called Pinna, but they are offering a 60-day free trial while schools are closed.

Extra Blurt is great for ages 8 and up, while Extra Blurt Jr. is great for ages 5 – 8.

Molly of Denali

If your child enjoys shows on PBS, they’ll be all ears for Molly of Denali, a PBS Kids podcast. Join Molly, an Alaska native, as she and her friends solve the case of the missing cake. Kids will learn about life and culture in Alaska, from folklore to traveling on a bush plane. Start the adventure here.

Great for ages 4-8. 

The Unexplained Disappearance of Mars Patel

The Unexplained Disappearance of Mars Patel is a scripted podcast for middle grade kids, performed by (some really talented) middle grade kids. It’s a fun, high-quality, serial mystery that can be described as Goonies meets Spy Kids meets Stranger Things. You can find all of season one here, and the rest of the seasons over at Pinna.

Great for ages 8-12.


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