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Make Lego Learning Fun and Educational


"With many of us facing the prospect of (or already managing) school closures I was thinking about which of the learning activities here at Childhood101 would be most useful for parents (and teachers allocating work to be done at home), and what sorts of toys or resources families are likely to have access to. My mind immediately turned to Lego – most probably because I could hear my own children playing with their beloved Lego collection at that very moment!

Lego is such a fun building toy and a great learning resource. Building a set straight out of the box is great for encouraging kids to learn to follow a sequence of instructions, and requires intense use of visual discrimination skills and fine motor skills. Then there’s the creativity of free building with a collection of Lego bricks!

However, Lego is also valuable as a resource for a whole range of learning activities – everything from writing to spelling, math to science, social studies to art.

The collection of activities below has been collated with parents with children at home as a result school closures in mind, so many of the activities are open ended – meaning they can be used with children across a number of different grades or ability levels – you might just tweak the instructions, the amount of support you give, or your expectations of the final product, depending upon the age of your child.

The math activities are more specific to one particular grade or learning objective, but  I have tried to include individual activities suitable across a range of grade levels so that all elementary/primary students have some fun Lego learning math activities at hand.

I hope you find these ideas useful."

Click the link above to see the ideas provided by this website!

Have fun building!

Send us your lego creations and I'll share! Keep our community connected!


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