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Need a Daily Schedule?

Updated: Apr 6

Preaching to the choir: these school closures are an inconvenience to all of us: students, teachers, employees, parents, students..... students..... and this is going to be really challenging on them (us) all.

Kids do not like change, they like schedules it helps them anticipate what's next and feel safe. Devising a schedule that is PRACTICAL can be very important to you (working parents, stay at home parents) kids (they miss their routine, their teachers and their friends) and SANITY for all of you.

DON'T be too ambitious. You are not expected to be a full time teacher, full time mom, full time social coordinator and be perfect at it. It can be fun to let the kids help you with the daily schedule and it gives them some sense of control of their days too. Include WHAT YOU NEED, and include what THEY NEED!

Sit down WITH your kids and include down time, and together time, time outside, and time for studies. Here are some samples we've been seeing online. Check back with your kiddos after a day or so and get feedback. It will help them feel a little more sense of control. It doesn't have to be perfect, or pretty, or concrete. It can be flexible and it can change, but giving the kids some sense of starting and stopping with different activities will allow them anticipate something fun and know that the hard stuff will "come to an end eventually".

We can do this TOGETHER!

Do you have a schedule you'd like to share? Send it to us, we are happy to add it to this blog!

**KIWICO has a great schedule to follow too!



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