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The cafeteria manager prepares meals for students who order lunches prior to the week they are served.  Food is bought fresh and in quantities according to the number of students who order, with a little extra for emergencies.  However, the number of students who decide to change their minds on any given day means that there is not enough food available to serve the additional meals requested.  Please observe the following guidelines so that all students who want a hot lunch can receive one.


1. Lunches must be ordered and paid for at the start of the week.  You may choose to pay for the month.

2. Credits will only be issued for students who were absent, on a field trip, or dismissed prior to lunch.

3. If lunch was ordered and a student changes his mind, a credit will NOT be issued unless the student brings in a note in the morning.

4. If a student comes to school and wants a lunch that was not previously ordered, lunch cost will be $5.50.  The lunch listed on the menu may not be the lunch your child receives (i.e. cereal or whatever else is available may be offered.)

5. Please send lunch money in a separate envelope with lunch slips. If change is required, the cafeteria manager will send it home as soon as possible. The office cannot make change for you.

6. Charge Policy: No child will be allowed to charge more than one day of snack and/or one day of lunch.  Any child without a lunch will be served and charged for a hot lunch, if available, or cereal


These guidelines are in place so the cafeteria manager may plan accordingly without wasting a lot of food and money. 

Thank you for your help in this matter.

Snack prices for your reference: snacks can be purchased at the beginning of the day for snack or lunch, or during the lunch period.

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