Academic Enrichment


Spanish ~Cho LaFleur


Children at St Joseph School are fortunate that they begin foreign language classes at a young age when language acquisition is at its richest. Classes begin in Grade 1 and are taught twice a week by Cho LaFleur.  Cho teaches children vocabulary, grammar and conversational phrases through Grade 8.  Students are expected to approach Spanish the same way they approach their core coursework at St Joseph School; engaging in cultural projects, vocabulary tests/quizzes and classroom participation.  At St Joes, we believe that learning a second language is imperative to leadership and academic success.  Our serious approach to foreign language coursework involves immersion style teaching with clarification in English when appropriate. Our students thrive in their Spanish coursework and consider this academic enrichment a regular and expected part of their core education.  Mrs LaFleur also offers advanced coursework for motivated and interested students in grades 6-8 on Friday's.   


Music  ~Patty Langer


The music courses at St. Joseph School are dedicated to teaching students how to read, sing, and perform music.  Music is a personal self-expression and the more the students know about the art, the greater the self-expression. We have a choir which meets one day each week before school. Performances are at our Christmas concert, the lighting of the Christmas Tree (dedicated to hospice care), and on the TNT Show (Totally New Talent variety show).  An appreciation for many kinds of music is one of our concerns.  Students in grades 1 through 5 are presently writing rhythmic examples for other students to perform in class. 



Digital Technology ~Rick Lepore


Our computer courses at  St. Joseph School concentrate on the understanding of both the Apple and PC operating systems.  Our concentration is on learning the use of Microsoft Office (Word, Power Point, and Excel).  This concentration is presented to grades Pre K to 6th grade.  Our computer lab is composed of all Apple computers which also run Windows 7 via Parallels Desktop. Students learn to respect the computer and its wonderful capabilities and at the same time, learn of the cautions involving the Internet. Students also learn to use several different software programs including but not limited to Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Google Earth and iMovie.  Grades 6 through 8 start movie-making and slide shows set to music.   Many projects in the computer lab involve team teaching.  For example the 5th graders are presently working on explorers.  Their research and powerpoint presentations are done in computer class.  Students receive two grades for one project.  We take pride at St. Joseph School in keeping up with technology. Students leaving St. Joseph School will be very prepared to continue on to the high school, college, and eventually occupations having a solid background in the use of the computer.



Visual Arts ~Amy Bellerose


The St Joseph School Visual Arts program is vital to each student's comprehensive education.  Elementary Art provides knowledge, skills, and experience in art that young children need.  Students at St Joseph School engage in Visual Arts Education on a weekly basis as part of their regular coursework.  In addition to art class, students integrate their arts education into other facets of their core curriculum.  All teachers at St Joes incorporate arts education regularly into the various courses they teach to help students find creative solutions within their academic classwork.


National Content Standards for Visual Arts Education

  • Understanding and applying media, techniques, and processes

  • Using knowledge of structures and functions

  • Choosing and evaluating a range of subject matter, symbols, and ideas 

  • Understanding the visual arts in relation to history and cultures 

  • Reflecting upon and assessing the characteristics and merits of their work & the work of others

  • Making connections between visual arts and other disciplines




Physical Education ~ David Sizemore


In addition to a three season athletic program, St Joseph School offers Physical Education weekly to its students.  Teachers and coaches work with students to encourage healthy physical growth, exercise and mindfulness.  St Joes offers quality, creative and challenging instruction in a safe, supportive environment.  St Joes Physical Education program offers meaningful physical activities to promote lifelong physical activity and wellness.  In addition to a weekly Physical Education course, St Joes also offers girls and boys athletic teams in all three trimesters. 


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